Emergency Tree Services for Portland & Vancouver

When the unimaginable strikes and a fallen or damaged tree wreaks havoc on your home or property, our team is here to help.

Emergency Tree Services Provided:

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Fallen Branch Removal
  • Fallen Tree Removal
  • Tree Debris Clearing from Structures
  • Tree Clearing From Roads
  • Tree Support Systems



Samsara really went above and beyond to help us following the recent severe storm. Two large pines fell across our driveway entrance, completely blocking access and egress. This happened on a Saturday afternoon, and Samsara was out there beginning removal Saturday evening with floodlights. They brought back a large crew and heavy equipment Monday morning to complete cutting up, chipping and removing the large trunks and limbs, in the midst of really bad weather. We found them to be uniformly hard working, courteous and communicative - easy to deal with and generally good guys. We are having them come back to remove a very large cedar tree in the near future, and highly recommend them.

Jon Twichell January 27, 2024

With the absolute mayhem that the January 2024 storm brought, Jacob and all the staff at Samsara did an amazing job at getting my tree (on the house) removed. They juggled countless jobs and encountered multiple hurdles but made me feel taken care of and prioritized. I appreciated their tenacity, creativity, honesty, and communication.

Jodi Steele January 23, 2024

Truly amazing experts, at a time of crisis. I’m not even sure where to start, the Samsara team it truly amazing in every way (in the middle of an area crisis when dealing with hundreds of people with incredible issues). They came quickly, assessed, clarity on estimates to allow working with insurance, and then worked day/night to get cranes and other critical equipment for a truly difficult job with wave after wave of storms. They moved heaven and earth to save my house and the level of expertise was unparalleled. Watching their teams do the impossible was incredible, they worked so hard, so carefully, so thoughtfully in post clearn up. I cannot recommend them

T koppel January 23, 2024

Samsara helped us out last fall when I thought we had an emergency on our hands. (It actually wasn't.) But they came out the very next day & took care of everything. Thanks, Samsara !

Leslie M in Portland January 11, 2024

Highly recommend this firm without reservation based on our recent experience with emergency tree removal. When we received word from tenants on a Sunday afternoon that a large fir tree in the backyard was on its way down and had lodged precariously in the limbs of another tree in its path of falling on a neighbor's house, Samsara was the sole business among a half dozen calls we made to tree care professionals listed as 24/7 that responded to our call in person that day and committed to coming the next day to quote and remove the tree. We'd never heard of Samsara Tree Care until their name showed up in our internet search, but found they communicated well; arrived on time; explained what needed to be done to bring the approx. 75' tall tree down safely; offered a reasonable quote for the project; and completed the work on time and without incident; and their site cleanup was superb. What more could anyone ask . . . it was a huge relief to us that none of the parties involved (three residential lots/neighbors/tenants) incurred any personal or property damage as a result of Samsara's swift, expert response. P. S. As it turned out, on Monday morning we received a callback from another company responding to our voicemail left on Sunday. They were interested in quoting the project as well, although we'd informed them we had engaged another contractor; their quote proved 40% higher than Samsara's.

Judy Kurisu February 3, 2023

I had a 80 ft tree that broke after a storm and was partially leaning on a different tree and was at risk of falling on neighbor's house and the powerlines. Samsara tree team returned my call very quickly and were able to dispatch someone to assess the situation within a day and schedule a work day before the holiday breaks ( and the next storm!) They were very professional and explained their plan in details. Their price range was also very reasonable compared to the other ~ 8 quotes that I got. On the day of, they showed up exactly on the time and worked professionally through out the whole day. In case of complications, they notified me and ask on how to proceed. Overall, I had a very pleasant experience with them and would definitely hire them back in the future.

Arash Joushaghani January 8, 2023

Samsara hits the triple crown of easy to work with, fair prices and high-quality work. They’ve helped us with everything from emergency tree care after an ice storm (they rushed right out to us) to the removal of a huge elm that got Dutch Elm Disease (R.I.P.) Professional, knowledgeable and personable at every turn.

Rachel Saslow October 10, 2022

Ice storm 02-2021= broken branches They were quick to answer, nice, punctual and got the job done quickly.

Butch Wells February 22, 2021

I can't say enough good things about Samsara Tree Care! They came out right away and gave me a quote that was well under what their competitors had quoted me. They were on time and got the work done very quickly and made sure they cleaned up before they left. After a recent storm, I had a few more branches that needed to be removed. They made the time to come the same day I contacted them. They're simply the best. I won't use anyone else!

Amy Fassler January 13, 2021

Due to a late winter snowstorm, I had a large two-trunk cypress tree that failed, causing one half of the tree to come down onto my patio and atop my house. I called Samsara and was connected with Jacob -- he responded immediately, evaluated the situation next day, provided an estimate within hours, and then was on site within two days to complete the removal. Top notch service from beginning to end and it was absolutely seamless. I couldn't be happier with Jacob and his team -- I will be recommending them to anyone in the Portland/ Vancouver area who needs an arborist.

Jon Calhoun March 20, 2020

Emergency Storm-damage Tree Cleanup Services

If a tree topples onto your roof or a dangerously leaning tree puts your home at risk, call us immediately. We guarantee a swift response to your tree service emergencies.


Our Emergency Tree Services Process:

At Samsara Tree Care, we realize that prompt and decisive action is key when a tree emergency strikes. Our dedicated team in Portland, OR, and Vancouver, WA is on standby 24/7 to handle your tree crisis. We’re equipped to immediately deploy various emergency resources for swift and safe intervention, including cranes, grapple trucks, bucket trucks, and highly trained climbing Arborists.

Tree Clear Recommendations

Once we take care of the immediate threats, our Arborists will consult with you on next steps. This might entail various tree services, from removing damaged tree(s), pruning broken branches, or installing cables or rods to fortify the tree and prevent splitting.

Arborist Expert Assessment

When the Samsara team arrives, you can anticipate a comprehensive and efficient evaluation of the situation, swiftly followed by action. Our primary concern is to secure any pressing hazards that pose a threat to you or your property.

Tree Removal Debris Disposal Included

Our emergency tree services include storm damage cleanup. If we work on your trees, we ensure all debris is removed. Contrary to other tree service providers in the Portland and Vancouver area, debris disposal is always incorporated in our pricing.


Portland, OR

Samsara Tree Care has been taking care of the trees of the City of Portland, Oregon since 2015

Vancouver, WA

Samsara Tree Care has been taking care of the trees of the City of Vancouver, Washington since 2015

Have Questions? We have Answers

Please reach out to us if you have any questions. One of our Certified Arborists is available to help.

Emergency tree services” typically involve situations where immediate intervention is required to prevent damage to property or harm to people. This can include removing fallen trees from houses, clearing roads blocked by trees, or dealing with trees that pose an imminent risk of falling due to storm damage or disease.

Our “tree care professionals” can be dispatched rapidly in emergencies. Typically, we strive to respond within a few hours, although response times can vary depending on the circumstances and location.

For precarious situations like a tree threatening power lines or a tree leaning on a house, we have specialized equipment and trained arborists who can safely handle the task. They are skilled at carefully removing the tree to prevent further damage.

Our “emergency tree company” is fully insured. We carry liability and workers’ compensation insurance to protect our clients and employees during tree service operations.

The cost of “emergency tree work” depends on several factors, including the tree’s size, the job’s complexity, and the specific emergency circumstances. There might be an additional fee for services rendered outside standard business hours or in particularly hazardous conditions.

Yes, our “emergency response team” includes certified arborists. Their expertise ensures that we manage each emergency effectively and safely.

We follow stringent safety protocols for all emergency tree removals. This includes wearing protective gear, using safe work methods, and regularly maintaining our equipment.

Yes, our emergency tree removal services are available 24/7. We understand that trees don’t adhere to business hours, nor do storms or other emergencies.

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