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Welcome to Samsara Tree Care! Our focus is on boosting the strength and safety of your trees through top-tier tree cabling and bracing services.

Our certified arborists are ready to evaluate your trees and devise the ideal support system tailored to their needs.


Samsara Tree Cabling & Bracing:

Tree cabling and bracing is a holistic term encompassing several forms of tree support systems. These systems are uniquely designed to fortify your trees, significantly reducing potential structural issues while promoting their overall health, longevity, and safety.

Tree Assessment

Our certified arborists thoroughly assess the tree’s structure, identifying any weak or potentially hazardous areas. We evaluate factors such as multiple trunks, included bark, weak branch unions, or signs of previous failures.

Cabling Design & Planning

Our arborists develop a customized cable support system plan based on the assessment. This plan outlines the specific locations for installing cables, the type and size of cables to be used, and the appropriate hardware required.

Tree Cable Installation

Our experienced tree care professionals carefully install the cables, using specialized equipment and following industry best practices. The installation process typically involves attaching high-strength steel cables to the tree’s branches or trunks to reduce stress and promote stability.

Tree Cable Inspections and Maintenance

We recommend regular inspections of trees with cable support systems to ensure their ongoing effectiveness. Our team conducts periodic assessments, checking the condition of the cables, hardware, and tree structure. If necessary, we perform any maintenance or adjustments to maintain the integrity of the tree support system.

Safety Considerations

Safety is paramount during the installation and maintenance of cable support systems. Our team follows rigorous safety protocols, uses appropriate personal protective equipment, and takes measures to protect nearby structures, utility lines, and people throughout the process.


With Samsara Tree Care, you’re not just hiring professionals.

You’re partnering with a locally owned company with licensed arborists and eight years of experience serving Portland and Vancouver and backed by over 100 5-star reviews.

Comprehensive Tree Health Checks

Our licensed arborists provide thorough health checks for your trees, identifying potential issues before they become major problems. This preventative approach ensures the longevity of your trees and the safety of your property.


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Protect Your Trees And Property With A Tree Cabling System

Support systems help your trees withstand high winds, heavy snow, ice build-up, and Seattle storms that would otherwise lead to branch and trunk breakage. 

We Provide Support Cabling Systems For:

  • Weak Trees – Our support systems offer much-needed structural support to these trees, helping them regain their strength and prevent potential hazards.
  • Young Trees – Young trees often require additional support to ensure they grow straight and strong. Our support systems are designed to provide the necessary support these young trees need during their formative years.
  • Newly Transplanted Trees – Our support systems help newly transplanted trees establish themselves in their new location, ensuring they have the stability needed during this crucial period.
  • Damaged Trees – We offer support systems that help stabilize these trees, preventing further damage and promoting recovery.

Portland, OR

Samsara Tree Care has been taking care of the trees of the City of Portland, Oregon since 2015

Vancouver, WA

Samsara Tree Care has been taking care of the trees of the City of Vancouver, Washington since 2015

Have Questions? We have Answers

Please reach out to us if you have any questions. One of our Certified Arborists is available to help.

Tree cabling and bracing involve installing flexible cables or rigid rods to support the structure of the tree, particularly those with weak or multiple trunks. This helps to prevent splitting and breaking during severe weather conditions.

If your trees have weak or split trunks, they are susceptible to storm damage. Cabling and bracing can support the structure and prolong the tree’s life, preserving its beauty and the safety of your property.

The frequency depends on the tree’s health and species, and environmental conditions. Our licensed arborists can provide an assessment and recommend a schedule.

No, when done correctly, by professionals, tree cabling and bracing do not harm the tree. In fact, these methods can actually extend the tree’s life by offering structural support.

Yes, our arborists are fully licensed and experienced in tree care

Yes, our arborists are fully licensed and experienced in tree care

The cost varies depending on the size of the tree, its health, and specific needs. We provide a free quote after our initial consultation.

The duration varies depending on the size and condition of the tree. We can provide an estimated time frame after assessing your tree.

That’s what we’re here for! We can conduct a comprehensive health check for your trees and recommend the best course of action.

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